Bertahun lama rasanya blog ini ditinggalkan. Life’s getting good. Many things change. I finished my Master studies. Got a job as a lecturer then upgraded to HOD. But then, I make a crucial decision. I quit my job because it is so tiring to drive every weekend to meet my husband. So, I start a new life again. All over again. We make a calculation for our monthly expenses and cutoff everything that we don’t need. We just live as it is. Seringkas dan sesederhana yang boleh. But we never cut our budget on foods. Staying together teach us that we always have to rely on each other. Because nobody knows how our life is. Getting rid of the negative people is what we should do. Learn things and be responsible for every decision. Key point is being grateful whatever we receive in life. Grateful will always make us happy.

It has been my dream to become a lecturer and successful in my career. But due to some circumstances, I can’t pursue my dream at the moment. Insyaallah, there will always a ways for me and my family. Allah never leave His slave alone. Have faith.

I have a friend, and I miss her. Last time I met her was in 2012 before she fly to Germany. We always had a good time together. Without knowing why, she never contact me anymore. I never know what i did wrong to her. Because she never answered any emails or messages from me. It is hard broken, but I wish she had a wonderful life there.

Till then. Love yourself more than others.


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